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A Message from our Director

The journey so far has been wonderful and to say so, satisfactory. A lot of challenges have been taken care of and many more are being tackled with zeal and determination. We have been successful in revising the syllabi of both the programmes i.e. B. Tech. (IT) and B. Tech. (CSE) in the very first year which has been a very time consuming and a lengthy process. We have an online fee deposit system in place for the students of the Institute and also this Institute became the first of its kind in the Himachal Pradesh University to go for online application system for admissions to its courses when we completed the process of admissions to our programmes through PRAVESH – 2014. After the grand success of its first version, at present, PRAVESH – 2015 for admissions is on the right track.
Not only that, it was my resolve which is on record, to place the students in the industry at a package above Rs.5,00,000 and I am happy to note that out of the total 63+ on-campus/off-campus placements so far, 2 of our students have been able to secure a package of Rs.500K. 100% of the eligible students have been able to secure a placement in the 4th year of their studies (some of them having 1+ offers in hand) and that in a sense gives me satisfaction. But a lot needs to be done to bring the number of ineligible students to a ‘naught’. Dealing with undergraduate students who are so full of energy and determination, has added tremendously to my learning curve. The students’ body ETSA (Engineering and Technology Students Association) has been such a wonderful interface to interact with these budding professionals. We all had our shares of anxiety on some issues which were beyond my control but then good sense prevailed and it is the academics that had the last say. I find the students of this Institute extremely talented having truly multidimensional traits. The only thing they need is the right kind of direction to work wonders. The endeavour from my side has been to provide them platforms and guidance so that they can come out with their best. I wish to honestly admit here that although the students are being provided a number of platforms for extra curriculum activities, there still is a lot that needs to be done on this front.

Some of the most exciting challenges being faced, and for which the work to meet deadlines is in top gear, are :
1) Removal of shortage of supporting staff in the office,
2) Establishing laboratories and putting furniture in place in our new premises and making it functional,
3) Creation of various teaching and non-teaching posts in UIIT and filling them up,
4) Converting UIIT into a full-fledged Engineering College,
5) Going for the NBA accreditation
6) Clearing the files that have been lying pending since last so many years etc.

The work for new infrastructure has been considerably sped up. Occupying the new premises of UIIT is the most challenging task that was assigned to me when I took over. The task of this magnanimity requires relentless effort from within and an untiring support from the administration. I have been very lucky to have an unquestionable and always-positive support from within the UIIT as well as from various quarters of the Himachal Pradesh University administration. Our Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. A.D.N. Bajpai and his able team has been such a source of inspiration and support. The effort like this would never have been possible without their support. The furniture in whole of the building that includes classrooms, laboratories, library, all laboratories, office, faculty rooms etc. is in place now. Computer labs are almost functional. The effort for establishing other labs is in full swing and we hope to occupy these premises before the new session 2015-16 starts. Although, there are some teething problems like water supply and electric current supply that are also being taken care of effectively.
At last message i want to give to students is :
Growth has to be the “mool-mantra” but always believe in equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth. Dream big and go after your dreams seriously but do not forget humanity and humility. Draw well defined lines between dos and don’ts and maintain them. Always keep in mind that human being can never subsume nature but nature always can subsumes mankind. So we must respect the fact that it is not the human being but the ‘mother nature’ which is supreme, and it is extremely fair, honest, generous and equalizing force to reckon.