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Fee Structure

S. N.HeadIn Rs.
1 Tuition Fees (Per Semester)45,000.00
On Admission
1 Laboratory Security (Refundable*) 10,000.00
2 Library Security (Refundable*) 2,000.00
3 Admission Fee 1,500.00
Annual Charges
1 Continuation fee 1,000.00
2 Sports fee 500.00
3 Medical Fee 100.00
4 Holiday Home Fee 25.00
5 Students Aid fund 10.00
6 Youth Welfare Fund 15.00
7 Identity Card Fee (to be paid in UIIT Fund) 100.00
8 House/ Sessional Exam fee (per Semester) 500.00
9 Breakage Fee (to be paid in UIIT Fund) 500.00
10 Magazine Fee 300.00
11 Annual Function Charges 1000.00
12 Cultural Activity Fund 500.00
13 Common Room Charges 100.00
14 Placement Brochure and CD Fee 300.00
15 Development Fee (As approved by AICTE) 4,000.00
Semester Charges
1 Dilapidation Fee 600.00
2 Amalgamated Fund 1,200.00
3 Population/Education Club Fee 6.00
4 Faculty of Engineering & Infrastructure Development Fund 1,000.00
Examination Fee
1 Examination Fee Per Semester (to be paid before the examinations as per University Schedule or as per University decisions from time to time) 2000.00
University Registration Fee (To be paid at the time of Registration Process)
1 For students passing 10+2 Exam for Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education Students 200.00
2 For Others 400.00

* Refundable implies that after the candidate leaves/completes the course, the amount will be refunded back to the student after completing the official formalities.

As per the direction of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and University Grants Commission (UGC) a student admitted to the course can withdraw subject to following conditions:
(i) In the event of a student/candidate withdrawing before the starting of the course, the wait listed candidate shall be given admission against the vacant seat. The entire fee collected from the student after a deduction of the processing fee of not more than Rs.1,000/- (One thousand only) shall be refunded and returned by the Institution/University to the student/candidate withdrawing from the programme.
(ii) If a student leave after joining the course and if the seat consequently falling vacant has been filled by next Candidate in waiting list by the last date of admission, the institution will return the fee collected with proportionate deductions of monthly fee and proportionate hostel rent, where applicable.
(iii) If seat falls vacant after a student leaves the seat and remains vacant then only security will be refunded.